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Ferro Chrome

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Ferro Chrome Description

Ferro chrome is a kind of ferroalloy with chromium and iron as its main components.It is one of the main alloy agents used in steelmaking industry.In addition to the main components of chromium and iron, it also contains carbon, silicon, sulfur, phosphorus and other impurities.

According to the carbon content, ferro chrome can be divided into high carbon ferro chrome, medium carbon ferro chrome, low carbon ferro chrome and micro carbon ferrochrome. It is the most important raw material for stainless steel production.

Ferro Chrome Specification

Type chemical composition(%)
Cr Si S C P
FeCr55C0.03 60-75 1.0 0.025 0.03 0.03
FeCr55C0.06 60-75 1.5 0.03 0.06 0.04
FeCr55C50 60-75 2 0.03 0.5 0.04
FeCr55C200 60-75 2.5 0.03 2.0 0.04
FeCr55C1000 50-62 4 0.04 8 0.04

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